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Coal India Limited is the biggest coal producing company of the country. The coalfields are situated in remote forest areas or near river basins. These places not only lack medical facilities but there have very little civic amenities and other infrastructure. This situation forces the Coal India management to establish its own Medical services consisting of Dispensaries, Colliery hospitals and Regional hospitals in the coal belt to provide a standard and effective medical facility at the door steps of the employees. As committed to health care for the employee and their eligible dependents, Central Coalfields Limited (CCL), a subsidiary of Coal India Limited had established three-tier system of healthcare. Dispensaries for each project as primary healthcare; colliery and regional hospital as secondary health care and for tertiary care there are well equipped modern Central Hospitals to provide better and specialized medical facilities to its employees as part of its welfare activities.

        Medical Infrastructure at CCL

Dispensaries   63
Colliery Hospital   07
Regional Hospital   02
Central Hospitals  


Total beds   892

Total doctor

Total Nurses   267
Total Paramedical   658
Ambulances   112
Family Welfare Camps 32 2167
Eye Camp 7 919
Blood Donation Camps 3 98
Leprosy & Skin Camp 6 1050
Diabetic Camps 7 1606
E N T Camp 4 710
Dental Camp 5 466
Hypertension Camp  4 752
HIV/AIDS Awareness Program 27 12236
Children Health Care 5 609
Village Health Camp 53 8225
Cancer Detection Nil Nil
Handicapped Nil Nil
Health Mela 1 3626
Different Camps on Monthly Basis.
May to October : Indoor Camps.
Preferably on Celebrity dates.
World Health Day
World Environment Day
Corporate Social Responsibility

       Quality Policy for CCL hospital

       Central Hospitals at CCL are created to serve as a nucleus for nurturing excellence in all      

       aspects of health care



Employees Charter
 (For coal workers and their dependent family members, present and retired executives)

Dear Friends,

With your blood & sweat, you have labored hard, under the most difficult working conditions. You have produced coal for country and brought honor to our coal industry. Youíre Nationís Pride! We are proud of you and itís our turn to take pride in serving you.

Friends, we are committed for a comprehensive healthcare under one roof; providing Preventive, Primitive and Curative healthcare to our employees and eligible dependents.

In line with our mandate, we, at Central Coalfields Limited, strive hard to provide comprehensive, high quality healthcare services (specialty and super-specialty services) to our users. However, there may be some deficiencies due to extreme patient load and limited resources.


General Information Casualty and Emergency Services Out Patient Services
Indoor Services Complaint and Grievances Responsibilities of Users

Please help us serve you better

Help Line

  • Duty Doctor : 0651-2230121(Ext. 7010)/0651-2230386

  • Chief Medical Officer : 0651-2231425

  • Medical Superintendent (Administration) : 0651-2231353

  • Hospital Exchange : 0651-2230353/356/348/852

  • Fax # 0651-2360444

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